Jimmy Lumpkin

Tuesday, Jan. 27, 2015

Jimmy Lumpkin is a singer/songwriter playing multiple instruments, but is most fond of his acoustic guitar. In addition to his solo career, he also plays with the band "Trigger Root". He lives in Summerdale AL, close to Fish River, in a log cabin with his wife Talia and dog Charlie.


Lee Yankie

Wednesday, Jan. 28, 2015

Lee has been playing as a solo act and with his live band Lee & The Hellz Yeah in the Gulf Coast area since 2004. At the moment Lee is working on a new solo record "The Leavin' Sound". The solo album is influenced by Lee's acoustic solo work and creates a down home feel with plenty of Lee's signature slide guitar work. This album has tinges of everything from blues rock to downhome gospel, r&b and what some might call soulful country.


Adam Holt

Thursday, Jan. 29, 2015

 A singer, guitarist, songwriter, producer, and yes, even studio owner, Holt has written and produced his own music in three albums over the last 8 years, blending blues, rock, gospel, country, and jazz. When he performs live, he offers a mixture of cover songs comparable to his taste in good music, including the likes of Tom Petty, John Mayer, James Brown, and Peter Frampton, just to name a few. His original music is mixed in as well, and is much appreciated by fans alike.



Friday, Jan. 30, 2015

CoolRayz is blend of Rock, R&B, Funk, and Soul.  You will be dancin the night away to all your favorite cover as this high energy group lays down the groove.  Come enjoy some of our wonderful Gulf Seafood as you soak up some CoolRayz.


Sugarcane Jane

Saturday, Jan. 31, 2015

When Sugarcane Jane makes music, heads bob, feet tap, smiles spread, and hearts beat just a little faster.  Truly, the musical sugar the band produces is indeed so fine.  The alchemy of Alabama’s own Anthony Crawford and Savana Lee Crawford yields mystically sweet, organic harmonies which are both accessible and familiar, while at the same time intuitive and distinctly their own.  Whether singing original works (like Louisiana, Butterfly, and Sugar) or putting their down home sound on familiar classics (ranging from an incredibly playful and fun Hot Rod Lincoln to a spontaneous rendition of Roger Miller’s Dang Me or a dreamily mellow and psychedelic Midnight Rider), Sugarcane Jane’s appeal cuts across generations and appeals to a wide audience.  If it’s your first time to hear Sugarcane Jane, you’ll find yourself saying, “Wow, who are these guys? They’re good.” If you are familiar with their work, you’ll overhear such comments and smile knowingly as you remember the exact time and place you first stumbled onto the band.  

The employee who best exemplifies the spirit of LuLu's is awarded the "Coconut of the Month"

Month: October

Name: Tommie Crook

Hometown: Satsuma, Alabama

Job Description: Dishwasher

Hire Date: February 1, 2014

Time at LuLuís: 11 Months

Favorite Moment at LuLuís: Today when I won the Coconut of the Month!

Why do you love working here? I have always heard what a great place Lulu’s is to work. When I first walked in, everyone greeted me like I was family. Being one of 13 children, I felt like I was home.

Favorite menu item (that you canít get enough of): Burger with bacon and pineapple

Favorite Drink at LuLuís: Lemonade mixed with Gatorade

Favorite Band that Plays at Glen David Andrews marched through the kitchen Fat Tuesday! We loved it!

Favorite Holiday at LuLuís: Fat Tuesday's Anniversary Party

Favorite Event at LuLuís: Fat Tuesday Anniversary Party

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