Drew Tillman

When: Tuesday, March, 7, 2017 5:00pm

Original music with the drive of American rock ‘n roll and a touch of the blues is the key to the success of The Drew Tillman Band. Each member brings his own style and background to the band to give it a tight unique sound. It’s all about the music and how it affects the audience.

Drew Tillman is the lead singer and rhythm guitar player of The Drew Tillman Band. He is also the songwriter of the band’s original music. The heart of Drew’s music is rooted in the blues. Originally from Pittsburgh, Drew moved to Florida and established himself as a professional singer, songwriter and performer. His classical guitar education from Florida State University is revealed in his intricate playing style as well as his writing. Drew’s original compositions speak of life with a taste of the blues and the drive of rock and roll. His energetic playing style and unique vocals combine to present an outstanding and brilliant performance. Each song is delivered in such a manner that demands attention and truly reflects his passion for his music and desire to please his audience.

calendars: live music