Caricature Artist

Mark Douglass- artist

Open Daily from 5pm-close

Prices start at $15


B & W Head Only ------------------------$15

2nd Head (in same drawing)------------$10  

Additional Heads (in same drawing)----$10 each

(2 for $25, 3 for $35, 4 for $45, etc...)


Full Body Full Color------------------------$25

2nd Person (in same drawing)------------$15  

Additional People (in same drawing)-----$15 each

(2 for $40, 3 for $55, 4 for $70, etc...)


All single and two person caricatures are sketched on 11 x 14" heavy bond multimedia art paper.

Images with three or more people may be sketched on larger paper generally 11 x 17" heavy bond Bristol or multimedia art paper.


The sketches usually take only 3 to 5 minutes of posing by each subject.

B & W Head caricatures usually take about 8- 10 minutes each or less each.

Color caricatures take about 12-15 minutes each. These are conservative numbers on the time it takes to produce each sketch and can generally go a little faster once artist gets 'warmed up'.