Allie Batcho

Month: June 2015


Job Description: Server

Hire Date: May 1 2015

Favorite Moment at LuLu’s: Getting the first “Coconut of the Month," and having such a warm welcome after I was gone for two weeks! Really showed me what a strong family that has been made in such a short time; I missed everyone so much!

Why do you love working here? I get to do what I love and work with who I love every day! I am totally myself at work and am so excited to come into LuLu’s for a shift, which I never thought would happen! LuLu’s has been the best and most unexpected surprise and I am so thankful for the blessing it has been to me.

Favorite menu item (that you can’t get enough of): Fried Green Tomato BLT - Fried Green Tomatoes are now my obsession thanks to LuLu’s!

Favorite Drink at LuLu’s: It’s a tie between Jet Ski Killer and LuLu’s Favorite Margarita! I can’t choose!

Favorite Band that Plays at LuLu's: Coconut Radio

Favorite Holiday at LuLu’s: To be determined :)

Favorite Event at LuLu’s: Opening Day (June 2015)! It was amazing – so cool to see all our training and hard work finally in action!