Philip Springer
November 2014

Philip Springer
November 2014


Month: November 2014

Hometown: Air-Force Brat, but I claim Niceville, FL.

Job Description: Administrator: keep the Executive Chef and Purchasing Manager on top of every item, ingredient, and supply need of the restaurant

Hire Date: June 1 2006

Favorite Moment at LuLu’s: I love the All-Staff Meetings. It really gets you fired up to be a part of it, and to be a part of a place that makes a real difference in Gulf Shores – all thanks to our wonderful leader (the best business owner I have ever worked for – honestly), Ms. Lucy.

Why do you love working here? Is there a word limit? It’s family; even though you may leave, it’s the relationships and the attitudes that bring you back. People are happy to work here, and when you do come back – it’s like you never left. We all have a standard for excellence that has seeped in just by showing up to work; whether we know it or not. It shows up in our pride, whether we know that it does, or not. Essentially, if you work here – you become a better person, whether you meant to or not. I thank God for my Job every day (well most days…) but it is most definitely by His Grace that I am in the right place, at the right time, with the perfect amount of joy, and with the perfect amount of fulfillment from what He has given me to do. He has placed me in a job where I can truly enjoy and honestly care about the answer to the question, “How are you doing today?” from my fellow summer soldiers. So I guess my real answer as to why I love to work here is because He put me here. He is for me, not against me; and my job is certainly proof.

Favorite menu item (that you can’t get enough of): Buffalo Quesadilla

Favorite Drink at LuLu’s: JB’s Mo’ Perfect, or a Pina Colada of course.

Favorite Band that Plays at LuLu’s: Working in the back I don’t get to see much, but honestly, Jimmy’s music on the sound system does get stuck in my head a lot – and the occasional Brent Burns when he performs live.

Favorite Holiday at LuLu’s: Noon-Years-Eve 2015 was the first time I have ever been able to see it from the customer perspective and I gotta say it was pretty awesome!

Favorite Event at LuLu’s: Summer Time! But to be specific: The Employee Appreciation Party because we can all hang out together at the same time.