David Terrazas
August 2015

David Terrazas
August 2015


Month: August 2015


Job Description: Busser/Porter

Hire Date: June 1 2012

Favorite Moment at LuLu’s: My favorite moment was probably LuLuPalooza 2013.. the whole day was great!

Why do you love working here? The music, atmosphere and people are what make my job the best.

Favorite menu item (that you can’t get enough of): I can’t pick just one, so it would have to be the pulled pork nachos and the mahi tacos!

Favorite Drink at LuLu’s: Sweet Tea

Favorite Band that Plays at LuLu’s: Greg Brown and Cadillac Attack

Favorite Holiday at LuLu’s: Mardi Gras, hands down.

Favorite Event at LuLu’s: LuLuPalooza