Jilly Kondak
September 2018

Jilly Kondak
September 2018



Name: Jilly Kondak

Coconut: September 2018

Hometown: Warren, Penn

Job Description: Bartender

Hire Date: May 2017

Favorite Moment at LuLu’s: The day I got hired!

Why do you love working here? The Organization! From the very top at Lucy all the way down, what she stands for. I have worked over 30 years and this place is the BEST! I feel like I passed away and have gone to work heaven!

Favorite menu item (that you can’t get enough of): Summer Shrimp Salad

Favorite Drink at LuLu’s: Bama Breeze

Favorite Band that Plays at LuLu’s: Cadillac Attack or JERI!

Favorite Holiday at LuLu’s: 4th of July

Favorite Event at LuLu’s: I haven’t experienced one yet!