Justin Yawn

When: Thursday, May, 17, 2018 5:00pm

For Justin Yawn, success was achieved when music became his stable day job. He is content to strum an acoustic guitar while singing a broad range of cover tunes. Yawn spent time fronting area bands— including Waiting on Jake, which achieved a degree of regional success—but he has wholeheartedly embraced a quieter life in recent years. I fly pretty low under the radar, he says. Im perfectly content with blending in and not being known by many people. Yawns songbook runs the gamut from Elvis Presley to OneRepublic, and he is constantly adding more tunes. Saying he always wanted to be a musician since he was four, Yawn has long since parted with rock star goals. A Bad Company concert helped solidify his drive to be surrounded by music. I want to play in front of a million people, but eventually, he says. im sure 40 years down the road, when I am 70, I will have seen a million people.

calendars: live music