Greg Brown

When: Sunday, September, 10, 2017 1:00pm

Gregory Brown, a finger style guitarist, uses the entire acoustic guitar- neck, body and strings to discover the limitless combinations of rhythm and melody the instrument possesses. His love of acoustic guitar has led him to write songs that reflect its power, beauty and range of sounds. His latest project, Passage, is an all instrumental CD with naturally recorded beach sounds in the background. Gregory says, "It combines my love of the guitar and the beauty of the Gulf Coast."

Gregory has been living and playing in the Gulf Coast Region for the past six years. He and his late wife Melanie moved to Fairhope, Alabama because they loved traveling there to play venues on the beach. His favorite spots to play are decks of locally owned restaurants where he can see and smell the water. He loves the character of the restaurants, the food, and the beautiful scenery. He performs a large variety of originals and cover songs ranging from James Taylor to Stevie Ray Vaughn. His original, "Ol Mobile" received success and air play during Mobiles Tricentennial Celebration. It is still one of his most recognized and requested songs.

calendars: live music