Tommie Crook

Month: October 2014

Hometown: Satsuma, Alabama

Job Description: Dishwasher

Hire Date: February 1 2014

Favorite Moment at LuLu’s: Today when I won the Coconut of the Month!

Why do you love working here? I have always heard what a great place Lulu’s is to work. When I first walked in, everyone greeted me like I was family. Being one of 13 children, I felt like I was home.

Favorite menu item (that you can’t get enough of): Burger with bacon and pineapple

Favorite Drink at LuLu’s: Lemonade mixed with Gatorade

Favorite Band that Plays at LuLu's: Glen David Andrews marched through the kitchen Fat Tuesday! We loved it!

Favorite Holiday at LuLu’s: Fat Tuesday's Anniversary Party

Favorite Event at LuLu’s: Fat Tuesday Anniversary Party