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Easter Bunny April 4th, 2021

Easter Bunny April 3rd, 2021

Fat Tuesday 2021

LuLu’s Lighted Boat Parade 2020

Fat Tuesday Anniversary Celebration 2020

Fat Tuesday Anniversary Celebration 2020 Photos

Mardi Gras Ball 2020

Mardi Gras Ball 2020 Photos

Tropical Reunion 2020

Tropical Reunion 2020

Noon Year’s Eve 2019

Noon Year's Eve 2019 Photos

LuLu’s Lighted Boat Parade 2019

LuLu's Lighted Boat Parade Photos

Billy Claus 2019

Billy Claus 2019 Photos

BooLu’s 2019

BooLu's 2019 Photos

LuLu’s Birthday Bash 2019

Doc’s Hot Trot for ARC 2019

Doc's Hot Trot 2019 Photos

LuLuPalooza 2019

LuLuPalooza 2019

Easter Egg Dash 2019

Easter Egg Dash 2019

Mardi Gras Celebration 2019

Mardi Gras Ball 2019

Mardi Gras Ball 2019

Vow Renewal 2019

Vow Renewal Photos

Best of LuLu’s 2018

easter 2018

Noon Year’s Eve 2018

2015 noon years eve

Billy Claus 2018

billy claus 2015

BooLu’s 2018

Restaurant Guests

LuLuPalooza 2018

Easter Egg Dash 2018

easter 2017

Tropical Reunion 2018


Fat Tuesday 2018


Mardi Gras Ball 2018

birds-of-paradise-2013 event picture

Hot Trot 2018

Hot Trot 2018

BooLu’s 2017

boolus 2016

Hot Trot 2017

hot trot 2017

Noon Year’s Eve 2017

New Years eve

Billy Claus 2017

Billy Claus

LuLuPalooza 2017

Jimmy Lumpkin

Easter 2017

easter 2017

Zydeco & Crawfish Festival 2017

zydeco crawfish festival

Fat Tuesday Anniversary

fat tuesday anniversary

Mardi Gras Ball 2017

mardi gras ball 2017

Vow Renewal

vow renewal

Half Marathon 2017

half marathon 2017

Noon Years Eve 2016

noon years eve 2016

Billy Claus 2016

billy claus 2016

BooLu’s 2016

boolus 2016



Easter 2016

easter 2016

2016 Gulf Coast Half Marathon

2016 gulf coast half marathon

2016 Tropical ReUnion Vow Renewal

2016 vow renewal poster

2016 Fat Tuesday 17th Anniversary

2016 fat tuesday

2016 Mardi Gras Ball

2016 mardi gras ball

2015 Noon Years Eve

2015 noon years eve

Nautical Night of Lights Boat Parade

boat parade

Billy Claus 2015

billy claus 2015

Women’s Business Alliance Conference

womens business alliance conference

Alabama Bartender of the Year Competition


LuLu’s Water Walkers!

water walkers

Doc’s Hot Trot for ARC

docs hot trot for arc

LuLuPalooza 2015

lulupalooza 2015

2015 Easter Egg Hunt

2015 easter egg hunt

Gulf Coast Half Marathon & 10k


LuLu’s Fat Tuesday Celebration & Anniversary


LuLu’s 2015 Vow Renewal


2015 LuLu’s Vow Renewal Photo Booth


2015 Mardi Gras Ball

2015 Mardi Gras Ball

Nina & Pinta 2015

nina and pinta 2015

Noon Years Eve 2014

noon years eve 2014

Nautical Night of Lights Boat Parade 2014

boat parade

Billy Claus 2014

billy claus 2014

2014 Hot Trot

2014 hot trot

Easter Egg Hunt 2014

easter egg hunt 2014

LuLu’s 10th Anniversary & Fat Tuesday 2014

lulus 10th anniversary and fat tuesday 2014

Birds of Paradise Mardi Gras Ball 2014

birds of paradise mardi gras ball 2014

2014 LuLu’s Tropical Re-Union

2014 tropical reunion

Noon Year’s Eve 2013

noon years eve 2013 Restaurant Guests

Billy Claus 2013

billy claus 2013

LuLu’s Employee Appreciation Party 2013

LuLu's employees

Christmas at LuLu’s 2013

christmas at lulus

Crazy Sista Beach Party

crazy sista beach party Restaurant Guests

Hot Trot 2013

hot trot 2013 Restaurant Guests

Easter Fun 2013

easter-fun-2013 Restaurant Guests

Gulf Coast 1/2 Marathon at LuLu’s 2013

gulf-coast-half-marathon-2013 Restaurant Guests

Mardi Gras at LuLu’s 2013

mardi-gras-at-lulus-2013 Restaurant Guests

Birds of Paradise Mardi Gras Ball 2013

birds-of-paradise-2013 event picture

2013 Tropical Vow Renewal

2013 tropical vow renewal Restaurant Guests

Noon Years Eve 2012

noon years eve 2012 Restaurant Guests

LuLu’s Hot Trot for ARC 2012

lulus hot trot for arc 2012 Restaurant Guests

One Love One Ocean Scholarship 2012

Restaurant Guests

LuLuPalooza 2012

lulupalooza 2012 entertainment

The Good Life Ride to LuLu’s 2012

the good life ride to lulus 2012 Restaurant Guests

LuLu’s Fresh Art Market 2012!

fresh art market 2012

Stars Fell On Alabama 2012

stars fell on alabama 2012 sign

2012 Tropical Vow Renewal

vow renewal couple Restaurant Guests

The LuLu’s Experience

lulus Restaurant Guest

Gulf Coast Half Marathon

coast half marathon Restaurant Guests

LuLu’s Hot Trot for ARC

hot trot for arc Restaurant Guests

Lulu’s 7th Anniversary & Mardi Gras 2011!

mardi gras 2011

LuLuPalooza 2010

lulupalooza 2010


lulu buffett

Mountain of Youth

mountain of youth

4th of July 2011

singer at the 4th of july 2011

One Love One Ocean

Lucy & Jimmy

Billy Claus 2010

lulu buffett

Key West Time

lulu buffett